TEC Square is main active in the food industry and is specially focussed on teh following product groups:

Page Instant Coffee

TEC Square has extensive knowledge in the manufacturing of soluble coffee. We have delivered plants that are working at the very edge of operational possibilities, striving to reach goals that other suppliers cannot achieve. TEC Square has designed plants that proved their performance in the areas of Quality,Yield and Flexibility. <…Read More>

Page Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee is a new variety of coffee consumption in some coffee shops, that is tremendously successful with customers. Cold-Brew coffee is typically made in the shop in an overnight cold extraction process. Industrial applications of Cold Brew are available as well.  <…Read More>

Page Fruit Juice and Fruit Concentrates

Consumption of fruit juices is based on natural taste and health benefits. There are various methods to process fruit juices depending on each type of fruit and the type of product required. The future of fruit processing will be in the added-value products, which are all based on preservation of the maximum quality. TEC Square has developed <…Read More>