Instant Coffee Plant – Standard Process

Instant Coffee - Standard Set-up
The quality of instant coffee is primarily defined by the quality and blend of the green coffee beans and the roasting process.
For instant coffee however, every subsequent manufacturing step is likely to impact on the quality in a negative sense. For this reason it is extremely important that an instant coffee line is well designed in terms of quality and flexibility. The quality of the downstream equipment defines in the end the quality of you cup of coffee. For this purpose TEC Square can suggest quality solutions for each and every process step.

TEC Square is a specialist in instant coffee manufacturing. We employ engineers and operational managers with extensive operational experience. Our team of dedicated engineers has worked with the top manufacturers in the world. They have also worked at the limits of design possibilities in terms of quality, capacity and flexibility. Our team has supplied solutions for effective optimization plants as well.

Instant Coffee Plant Design

TEC Square designs instant coffee plants with the operation and maintenance of our customers in mind. All of our key engineers have spent multiple years in manufacturing facilities. As such we understand the importance of ergonomic design and optimized work-flows.
Also we design our installations with flexibility in mind. This means that with our solution it is possible to invest in a simple solution at first. And to keep the option open to upgrade to a better solution at a later stage. Altogether, in our design we allow for the possibility to:

  • Add more capacity
  • Increase extraction yield
  • Increase the level of product quality
  • Add additional options in automation

The quality of the extraction process will determine the initial Instant Coffee quality. However, in order to achieve the same quality in the end-product, the downstream process should be capable of maintaining such quality as well. Therefore we design our aroma recovery, evaporation and drying systems in such a way, that we preserve the right taste- and aroma-profile for your marketing campaign. Below we detail our standard line, but also give several options to improve on quality and/or operation.

This graph represents a theoretical case and values should be interpreted in a relative way.
Options in quality, automation and others could hugely influence the investment

Flexible Design of Instant Coffee Plants

Our technology has built-in flexibility from extraction all the way up to drying.

We design a plant for the future and allow to add capacity and/or quality enhancements at a later stage

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Instant Coffee - Flexible Extraction

High Yield Extraction

TEC Square designs its own high-end instant coffee extraction plants. In our designs we combine flexibility, quality and operational effectiveness. We base our high-end technology on a combination of the following principles:

  • Easy raw material handling
  • Short cycle times
  • Low energy usage
  • Flexible Capacity.

We design our installations specifically for clients that look for either cost -effective alternatives or appreciate the value of quality. Our design normally allows for top quality instant coffee products. High yield designs are equally possible.

The size of the cell determines the yearly output. The number of cells determines yearly output, capacity and quality.

  • Less cells will reduce the overal output in kg/h
  • Less cells will mean less investment
  • A simple technology is sufficient to start. High end technologies can be added at a later stage

Please visit the dedicated Flexible Extraction page for more information on this solution

Instant Coffee - Sludge Handling

Sludge Handling

TEC Square has sees clarification and sludge handling as an integral part of the extraction operation. Our sludge system is linked into extraction as well. As a result we have several advantages.

  • Sludge Handling – There is no manual sludge handling anymore. All sludge will be evacuated together with the coffee grounds.
  • Operation – Fully automated operation
  • Solids Recuperation – With sludge some soluble coffee is ejected out of the main stream. All coffee is recuperated and fed back into the product stream.
  • CIP – Intergrated CIP, fully automatic

Please contact us for more information on this solution.

Instant Coffee - Flexible Aroma Recovery

Flexible Aroma Recovery

When TEC Square designs an aroma recovery process, it will aim to recover exactly those aroma and taste components, that are important for your product quality, while omitting those that are unfavorable.

TEC Square Aroma recovery plants provide flexibility in aroma recovery. Aromas need to be separated or combined as may be the case in order to get the perfect taste profile for your product. This is the objective of a successful design. Moreover, TEC Square also keeps flexibility in mind when designing an aroma recovery plant. Often several products are run on the same unit, and each might require a different approach.

We developed several ways to preserve aroma, ranging from simple and inexpensive to very sophisticated, depending on your needs and on your financial possibilities. As taste and aroma is the key to success in each manufacturer’s operation, we do not detail the design in this forum. However we are more than happy to provide you with a tailor-made solutions, depending on your needs.

Please visit the dedicated Flexible Aroma Recovery page for more information on this solution.
Instant Coffee - Low-Impact Thermal Concentration

Low-Impact Thermal Concentration

TEC Square developed the “Low-Impact Thermal Concentration” process to provide a cost-effective alternative against freeze concentration. In essence, the Low-Impact Thermal Concentration process has all the advantages of freeze concentration. However advantages are plentiful.

  • Firstly it is much more flexible.
  • Secondly it delivers much higher concentrations.
  • And thirdly operational and investment costs are reduced.

Please visit the dedicated Low Impact Thermal Concentration page for more information on this solution.
Instant Coffee - High TS Concentration

High TS concentration

TEC Square has installed a “High Total Solids concentration” plant in many factories. For this plant TEC Square uses a Rototherm wiped-film evaporator as a finisher. Such an investment should normally have a good pay-back, as it brings large benefits for operation.

  • Less operational losses on the your evaporator
    The additional of a wiped film evaporator allows to reduce the set-point in TS on the existing evaporator. This in turn will reduce operational losses (1% savings on raw material are not uncommon). It also creates longer operational run times.
  • More aroma addition
    As a wiped film evaporator can easily concentrate up to 60% Total Solids more aroma can be added.
  • Higher and more consistent drying operation
    The overall plants output is often defined by the dryer operation. A higher and more consistent TS, will result in a higher yearly output.

Please visit the dedicated High-TS Concentration page for more information on this solution.
Instant Coffee - High TS Spray Drying

High TS Spray Drying

High Total Solids Spray Drying will be the new trend in Spray Drying. The process provides additional capacity on a single tower of often up to 20-30%.

At the same time it gives a better end-product quality as a High-TS process has a higher aroma retention capability.

Lastly less production losses will be created, increasing the ROI of the installation.

Please visit the dedicated High Total Solids Spray Drying page for more information on this solution.

Instant Coffee - In-lien Agglomeration

In-line Agglomeration

Most instant coffee factories have separate plants for spray drying and agglomeration. TEC Square provides an integrated solution with many operational advantages.

  • In a normal operation up to 4 FTE’s (Full Time Employees) per shift can be saved using an integrated approach
  • The operation becomes very flexible. On the same installation spray dried or Agglomeration can be made.
  • An integrated approach allows for much easier dry reworking possibilities.

Please visit the dedicated Combined Spray Drying and Agglomeration page for more information on this solution.

Instant Coffee - Aroma Treatment during Packaging

Aroma Treatment of Powder

Our high-end Aroma Recovery technology can also provide solutions for aroma-addition to the final product. We are able to separate and stabilize the volatile aromatic components, that are ideal for enhancing the aroma of the final product.

We also supply solutions for aroma add-back to the final product.

And depending on the installation, we even can supply coffee oil recovery technology. This makes the entire process independent from third party supplies.

Please visit the dedicated Aroma Recovery page for more information on this solution.

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