Mobile Data Capturing

Tec Square has developed together with Correlaction Sarl a multifunctional platform to record data using your cell phone. Though the application for Correlaction Sarl is very specific and at the top of the marketing/sales spectrum in terms of data analysis, the principle of “mobile data gathering” in the form of a survey app is a the same for every client. We support your surveys from every aspect.

TEC Square mobile data capturing applications exhibit efficiency as well as flexibility. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors in many ways:

  • All our apps are tailor-made for our customers and will only have the functionality you require
  • We use the functionality of your phone to a maximum, we can use the built-in camera of your phone as part of your data capture protocol
  • Tec Square has the one of the highest accuracy standards in GPS tracking and could use this functionality as part of your data gathering protocol
  • Other functionalities in the phone can be incorporated into your device as well
Mobile Data - Data capturing

Mobile Data Capturing – Support throughout a survey

Our Mobile Process Control app covers the following operations
Development of the survey

TWe develop together with you the type of questions that are important to your business.
We incorporate all required additional functionalities and make it available on the kind of apparatus phones you would like to use.
We set up your system in such a way that you can change, modify questions, sequences etc.
Survey Support

We support you during your survey.
Our helpdesk is available when required, we can host data, we can verify data being downloaded
Analysis of data

We provide desk-top support tools to analyse data. We create you own interface for data analysis. All data can be checked in real time. We determine together with you how you would like your reports to be presented, as there are many options and possibilities.
Export of data

We can make data available for export to a separate database, incorporate downloads into your own systems or even as e.g. excel sheets

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