Delivering intuitive access, control and/or monitoring in-hand
Monitor, identify, evaluate, respond: Mobile Process Control is control and monitoring using handheld mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets. Providing remote mobility, it is a novel solution bringing you productivity enhancement from hand-held devices.

With a quicker response, it is a secure Investment as it aids in the reduction of wastes based on LEAN manufacturing, contributing to significant cost savings. It virtually unbinds engineers, operators and even operation managers from control rooms or equipment — enabling them to manage designated zones, provide system support and collaborate across production areas.

Mobile Process Control

The following Modules can be installed per type of machinery / line / piece of equipment

Process Monitoring
The Process Monitoring Module gives management and operations a quick overview of the actual operational conditions of a plant. It provides a presentation of data and process parameters for each linked process or equipment. It shows whether or not the operation is within allowable conditions in order for anomalies to be identified, evaluated and treated far more efficiently.
Mobile Process Control - Process
Management Information
Information Module focuses more on data capturing over time and trending of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). The Module is specially developed to assist managers in accurate decision making. Accurate data acquisition leads to improved asset management, accelerated repair times, and detection of irregularities.
Recipe Management
The Recipe Management Module is a tool for managing multiple recipes with different production parameters. With this module, you can remotely view values from a recipe, manage ingredients or perform appropriate recipe adjustments. From small to complex recipes, product consistency is achieved.
Mobile Process Control - Recipe

Anomaly Notification
The Anomaly Notification Module enables your maintenance team to receive and respond to automatic fault or alarm notifications even when on the move. With live update on the plant floor’s status at a chosen location, you can view reliable analytics, search data retrospectively, or perform alarms and warnings monitoring and acknowledgement to spot and fix problems earlier. Logging of warning and alarms is remarkably useful for fault-finding and process optimization. Warnings and alarms can be filtered according to your needs.
Remote Control
The Remote Control Module provides a means to control your equipment or device from a distance via online communication with the system. Remotely controlling a variety of equipment reduces any travel time or expense, freeing the operator or technician to work on other important tasks at hand. Combined with real-time data, your response and problem resolution time is lessened. Equipped with security features, access is exclusively available to authorized users thus preventing unauthorized use or modification.

TEC Square‘s experience has shown that a highly skilled process engineer can become fluent in a new programming language in a relatively short time, while Android and iOS Mobile App developers are unlikely to become leading edge process engineers for years. Our team of dedicated automation engineers have developed these Mobile Process Control apps to ease your mind.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for more information about this tool to become an advanced LEAN manufacturer.