TEC Square is a project engineering company, that provides added-value concepts and engineering solutions for highly complex industries. We specialise in technologies for instant coffee manufacturing and for milk- and dairy manufacturing plants. Our main areas of expertise can be found in the areas as indicated below:

Engineering Solutions

Due to our combined management and engineering experience, TEC Square is placed at the forefront of any project that requires engineering and/or consulting. In particular, we take pride in our production related professional background. As a result of years of experience in the process industry, we add an insightful view that goes beyond normal engineering support. We look at every project from an operational point of view. But also we evaluate ease of operation, ergonomic design and accessible maintenance as equally important design parameters for a successful project. And finally in addition to the above, we are able to provide engineering solutions in a cost-effective manner as we work with our own off-shore capabilities.

TEC Square offers solutions to complex engineering processes and projects. Our philosophy is, that we are your partners in a project. Consequently, we thrive in producing a unique system, that suits your business and production needs. In order to do so, we identify your required technology, engineering objectives and goals. Our product technologists and production experts come from a production environment and talk your language, hence we can offer strategies that fit into your vision.

Furthermore, TEC Square has extensive experience in R&D projects. We especially assisted many clients in defining their concepts. We normally provide support form “Concept to realization”. A concept will only work if the production and operational planning will be at the same level of execution. And moreover we have extensive experience in scaling projects from lab scale up to full-fledge operational plants.