Most consumers use fruit juice because of their natural taste and health benefits. Concentrated fruit juice and powders are very common in the B2B markets. However, quality products are not always easy to find. There are various methods to process fruit juice, depending on the type of fruit and the type of product required. The trend in the market is moving towards “added-value products’ A consumer is willing to pay for additional health benefits, better taste and green manufacturing methods.
Fruit Juice - Ingredients

TEC Square developed (together with Artisan Industries) processing methods that go beyond the normal processing possibilities, achieving high concentrations and sometimes even pastes or powders at relative low temperatures.

High Quality Fruit Juice Concentrates

Fruit Juice - Process
Traditional methods of concentration achieve either low concentrations or expose product to high process temperatures. TEC Square offers an alternative to these methods: “Low Impact Thermal Concentration“. This process involves:

  • Low temperature evaporation using an Artisan Rototherm® allowing processing to very high concentrations.
  • If required additionally a low temperature aroma recovery system, utilizing a stripping column an aroma separation device. The process can add back aromas obtained this way to the concentrate before drying

The Benefits of Low Impact Thermal Concentration

  • Low process temperatures, thus high product quality
  • Short residence time for processing, thus higher product quality
  • Little production losses, thus better cost-price
  • Quick cleaning, thus less downtime
  • Short start-up time, thus very flexible. Short production runs for changing SKU’s are possible
  • High Total Solids output, thus less water, reducing costs for logistics and improving

High Quality Pastes and Powders

Fruit Juice - Installation
It is often difficult to produce high quality powders and high viscosity pastes. TEC Square has several methods of processing depending on budget and quality requirements.

  • TEC Square works together with SiccaDania, a spray drying specialist, who provides high quality solutions in many process industries

  • Artisan’s high quality Rototherm® thin film evaporator can be used as well as a dryer for certain products. Normally testing will need to be done to assure that processing is possible.

  • TEC Square works together with DEVEX, a freeze- and vacuum drying specialist. This process maintains high product quality throughout.