Cold Brew process

Cold Brew Coffee is a new variety of coffee consumption. It is tremendously successful with customers. Cold-Brew coffee in a coffee shop is typically by an overnight cold extraction process, called Steeping. This process has a limited capacity and is more difficult to manage. TEC Square supplies Cold Brew process solutions, that eliminate these problems and allows you to concentrate on sales.
Cold Brew

Industrial Cold Brew Extraction involves steeping of ground coffee with cold water inside a closed vessel, the “Extraction Cell.” Steeping happens during a defined period of time, often more than 12 hours. The operator recovers the extract after this steeping process by draining the cell.

After extraction it is possible to concentrate the liquid product, while keeping its aromatic properties. TEC Square developed an Aroma Recovery and Evaporation system, an effective solution to maintain quality. This process of  “low impact thermal concentration” can achieve high concentrations while preserving the coffee quality. Increasing the concentration will decrease handling and transportation costs.

At first it is possible to invest first in very simple manual technology. However TEC Square leaves the option open to add more equipment and automation to increase capacity.

TEC Square defines four levels of investment

Start with one (or a couple of) extraction cells and basic measuring and storage equipment to create a basic operation. This set-up is a first step for a more automated system.
Cold Brew - Basic

Such a system is already at an industrial scale, but it will require plenty of manual labour. A Cold Brew Extraction set-up typically has a maximum of 12 extraction cells. An operation is manual, the principle of extraction is still “steeping”. This operation normally takes place in a 1-shift operation.
Cold Brew - Simple

When additional equipment is added, the yield can be improved. As a result this will improve the cost-price. Manual labour is further reduced. Normally this system will operate in a 2-shift system covering 5 days.
Cold Brew - Elaborate

Due to the added complexity, the operation becomes even more automatic. The operation could take place in a 3-shift system. An Aroma Recovery and Evaporation system gives the possibility to concentrate the extract for easier distribution.
Cold Brew - Complete