Cold Brew – Standard Process

Cold Brew - Standard Process

Cold Brew Coffee is a new variety of coffee consumption. It is tremendously successful with customers. Cold-Brew coffee has been developed in coffee shops. It is typically done by an overnight cold extraction process, called Steeping. This process has a limited capacity. And it also takes up a lot of space in a store.

Industrial cold brew processes exist as well. The two main business segment for this product are:

  • Liquid drinks, often flavoured
  • B2B Concentrate, for other industries

TEC Square has solutions for both applications.

TEC Square Flexible Design of Cold Brew Plants

Our cold brew technology differentiates itself as we base our design on extensive practical experience.

We design a plant for the flexible capacity, low energy usage, less investment costs and high quality products.

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TEC Square Cold Brew Process

TEC Square supplies Cold Brew process solutions, that make operation very flexible and allows you to plan for the future. As we base our designs on practical experience, we have developed solutions for the entire process

  • Extraction – We have a very flexible set-up. This allows you to grow the business as needed, adding capacity and automation along the line.
  • Concentration – We provide simple concentration method, but also high end technologies. Our Low-Impact Concentration technology has specifically been developed for this purpose.

Furthermore, we would have solutions for further optimization, especially when the capacity becomes bigger. Please contact our office for more information.

Flexible and High-Yield Extraction

Industrial Cold Brew Extraction involves steeping of ground coffee with cold water inside a closed vessel, the “Extraction Cell.” Steeping happens during a defined period of time. The operator recovers the extract after this steeping process by draining the cell.

TEC Square developed a flexible extraction technology for investment. It is possible to initially invest in very simple manual technology, leaving the option open to add more equipment and automation at a later stage. We typically define 4 levels of investment

  • Basic – 1 or 2 extraction cells, manual operation, 8h/day operation
  • Simple – More extraction cells, higher level of automation, 1 or 2 shifts per day
  • Elaborate – More automation, higher yield, automatic extraction, 2-3 shift operation
  • Complete – Highest level, fully automatic 4-shift operation, high capacity

Please visit the dedicated Cold Brew Extraction page for more information on this solution

Cold Brew - Freeze Concentration

Low-Impact Thermal Concentration

TEC Square has developed an alternative to freeze concentration, that delivers the same level of quality at significantly lower capital investment and lower operational costs. This concept, called “Low Impact Thermal Concentration”, has been proven in the field and so far exceeds expectations for high value food products.

The Low-Impact Thermal Concentration process uses low temperature (thus “low impact”) thermal concentration. It is ideal for Cold Brew Products as the process retains almost all of the aromatics components. It would be even possible to remove unwanted aromas (if they would exist). This process has the following advantages:

  • Very high concentrations. 50% is no problem.
  • Very flexible process, ideal for multi-SKU

Please visit the dedicated Low-Impact Thermal Concentration page for more information on this solution

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