Instant Coffee Process

TEC Square Instant Coffee Process – Flexibility designed in each step

The quality of instant coffee is primarily defined by the quality and blend of the green coffee beans. This is exactly the same reasoning as for Roast and Ground coffee. However in an instant coffee process, each manufacturing step afterwards also defines the final quality of the product. For this reason it is vitally important that we take an integral approach when making a good cup of instant coffee.
Instant Coffee Process

Typical Generic Soluble Coffee Process (Note: many other possibilities exist)

Many processes exist and each process can assist in making a better cup of coffee. The TEC Square Instant Coffee process has quality solutions for all process steps.

For our customers we offer individual project concepts, developed according to the wishes of the customer and designed for maximum operational flexibility. Our projects consider in particular the requirements on final product quality and capacity.

TEC Square – Turnkey projects

TEC Square designs and delivers every plant according to international guidelines. Together with our partner DEVEX, we can equally offer turnkey solutions.

TEC Square – Consulting

TEC Square is a specialist in instant coffee manufacturing. We employ engineers and operational managers with extensive operational experience. Our team of dedicated engineers has worked with the top manufacturers in the world and have worked at the limits of design possibilities in terms of quality, capacity and flexibility. As such we can provide support for the optimisation of a plant’s operational efficiency. We look firstly at recommendations for improved operational procedures, as these are the quick benefits. Secondly we look at better ways of producing, using the same equipment. Lastly we look at possibilities for the investment budget. However in our opinion, the installation of additional equipment should always have a guaranteed pay-back.