TEC Square‘s core values are the fundamental guiding principles which dictate behaviour and action towards our clients and within our organisation:

  • Quality


    Our Values - Quality

    In everything we do


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  • Teamwork and Fun


    Our Values - Teamwork & Fun

    Within a good team every member is important. Enjoying work while performing, is our key to success.

  • Integrity


    Our Values - Integrity

    Do what is right, matching our behavior to our words and taking responsibility for our actions

  • Commitment


    Our Values - Commitment

    Commit to what we can deliver and deliver on our commitments.

  • Respect


    Our values - Respect

    Treating every employee and every client with respect and honesty

  • Ownership


    Our Values - Ownership

    Getting the job done, no matter what. Accepting responsibility for one’s actions.

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    TEC Square BV
    The Netherlands

    TEC Square SL

    TEC Square Solutions Inc.
    The Philippines

  • Value Creation


    Creating value for customers, partners, employees and investors alike.