Vacuum Drying is the key to high product quality. TEC Square works close together with DEVEX Verfahrenstechnik, who offer a cost-effective solution in the industry.

Vacuum Belt Dryers

DEVEX Vacuum Belt Dryers allow continuous operation with liquid or solid products. Vacuum Belt Dryers are a standard in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Food Industry and Chemical Industry. A DEVEX Vacuum Belt Dryer discharges the dried granulate on a continuous basis if required under clean-room conditions (GMP). After the drying process, normally the granulate goes to a finishing step including e.g. grinding, filling and packing.

The TEC Square engineering team has worked with DEVEX plants for many years and would be pleased to assist you with evaluation of the potential of such a plant for your operation.

DEVEX Vacuum Drying Plant

Continuous Freeze Dryers

In the instant coffee industry freeze dryers are very Common. As a matter of fact, they stand for high quality end-products. Freeze Dryers are also common in applications for drying of other products in the food- and pharmaceutical industry. The Freeze Drying process is a highly complex and technically demanding. It is however one of the most gentle drying methods. As a consequence Freeze Drying allows specific product characteristics, such as aroma and product color, to be preserved during the drying process. DEVEX markets continuous drying equipment with evaporation capacities of up to 1’000 kg/h.

Batch Freeze Dryers

For laboratory and small-scale productions, DEVEX developed Vacuum Drying Cabinets. The size ranges typically between 1 – 20 m² drying surface. Vacuum Drying Cabinets are a standard for small capacity operations in drying of extracts, powders and emulsions. Depending on the type of use, Vacuum Drying Cabinets come with heating plates or heating jackets. Vacuum Drying Cabinets normally operate in batch mode.

DEVEX Vacuum PlantFor more information, please consult the DEVEX website