TEC Square has extensive experience with Spray Dryer operations. Spray Drying is a simple drying method that uses pulverisation to dry a concentrated liquid in a hot air stream. Spray Drying is a very common technology in production processes of the process industry. TEC Square adds value to these processes when it comes to special production requirements, e.g high viscosity spraying or difficult products.

For a Spray Dryer design, TEC Square offers

  • Extensive knowledge in spray drying. Our engineers have worked with the most demanding spray dryers in the world.
  • Thorough understanding of spray drying and the technologies used
  • Extensive knowledge in agglomeration technologies
  • Long Experience in hygienic operations and/or ultra long operational times.
  • Design team who have designed or optimized the installation of several spray dryers

TEC Square has engineered and supported commissioning of several spray drying operations. Many of our engineers have more than 20 years of spray drying experience, in the most difficult circumstances.

TEC Square Spray Dryer

TEC Square has developed and optimized specific spray dry applications for clients around the world and would welcome your challenge.

In-line Agglomeration

For more information on combined spray drying and agglomeration technologies please visit the in-line agglomeration page