TEC Square - Originally a services provider

The TEC Square group of companies is originally set-up as a engineering services provider. Our companies in the Netherlands, Spain and the Philippines provide services like these on a daily basis. It goes without saying that we supply these services mainly within our own group. However, we also provide engineering services to other clients and are always looking for new challenges in the process industry. Our team in the Philippines is geared towards providing a complete support package, for whomever this may be. As we work together with 3Narots, an installation company, with many experienced staff on call, we can supply foreign supervision for installation as well. In more detail we can provide the following:

TEC Square has provided many concepts for unique plants. We design a factory in such a way that you have the optimum in operation and costs.

TEC Square provides all Mechanical engineering functions needed for a project. If it ill be equipment design, skid design or others, we could assist you from “concept to realization”.

TEC Square provides all electrical engineering support. Our sister company TEC Square Electrical provides all panels from Hungary.
We provide Routing dimagrams as well if our effort is part of a complete engineering package

TEC Square has a team of dedicated automation engineers. We are licensed system integrators for Allen Bradley and Ignition.

We provide all necessary services in project management including planning, installation supervision, commissioning, documentation, etc. We could equally provide on-site project management services.

Our team in the Philippines also has an IT team support a project effort. We can provide control systems through our apps. We also have specialist knowledge in accurate geo-positioning applications.

We have a large and efficient set-up in the Philippines and would welcome additional challenges any time. Our organisation is geared towards supplying added value support for all aspects of design. We often work in very secretive environments and keep knowledge to ourselves. Our aim is to be a partner in your success.