Probat RoastersA pas­sion for good cof­fee. It shines through in all Probat’s roast­ing processes and in Probat roasters as a result. That is why you al­ways have a good feel­ing when you roast on a Probat ma­chine. Be­cause the pas­sion is nei­ther a mere pref­er­ence nor an end unto it­self. It is rather the basis for a qual­ity phi­los­o­phy. It be­gins with an in­no­v­a­tive con­cept and comes to fruition in first-class work­man­ship.

A Probat roaster helps you to make the most of your top-qual­ity prod­uct by pro­vid­ing you with top-qual­ity equip­ment. This draws on decades of roast­ing ex­per­tise. As a re­sult a Probat roast­er is not just highly de­vel­oped, tried and tested, but it will al­ways meet your re­quire­ments too. Probat’s ob­jec­tive is to en­sure that your pro­duc­tion process al­ways runs at an op­ti­mum level. Be­cause your busi­ness is taste.

Every ap­pli­ca­tion in the cof­fee in­dus­try has its own par­tic­u­lar re­quire­ments. Speed, mass, va­ri­ety, eco­nomic vi­a­bil­ity – re­gard­less of whether you are pro­duc­ing a mass prod­uct, an in­stant cof­fee or a spe­cial roast; whether your cus­tomers buy their cof­fee in spe­cialised shop roas­t­er­ies, su­per­mar­kets or delis – with a Probat roaster we al­ways have the best roast­ing so­lu­tion for you. Be­cause Probat has over 140 years of ex­pe­ri­ence and they have sup­plied around 70% of the world mar­ket’s cof­fee roast­ing ca­pac­ity, mak­ing them both mar­ket and tech­nol­ogy lead­ers in the roast­ing ma­chine seg­ment.

TEC Square represents Probat in the Philippines with the following Roasters