Group Manager Process Development (R&D, Food Processing)
(Commenting on the successful installation of a scale up of an R&D developed technology)
Our team, but in particular me, can not thank you enough for your tremendous leadership on this project. Many times we needed a little help and guidance on getting to the conclusion of one phase or another and we could always count on your support. This made our involvement in the project both enjoyable and rewarding. Project managers once in a while forget that the whole team is needed to get the job done. You never forgot this fact and we always knew where you stood and what you expected from us. Working with you on this team was a very enjoyable event for me.”

Vice President (Corporate Office, Food Processing)
(commenting on the commissioning of a new facility)
The start-up of this facility was better and faster than a normal start-up after the weekend shut-down in many European factories.

Technical Specialist (Corporate Office)
(commenting on the commissioning of a new facility)
I have a lot of fun working with your automation- and production specialists. It is a load off my shoulders and we all talk the same language. Your production specialist is a gold mine and I will work with any of Tec Square personnel any time. Thanks