Project Management

We pride ourselves in our belief that we are partners in a project. We involve ourselves in various administrative, technical and managerial aspects of constructing projects. Our Project Management services are based on a combination of quality and costs. We use teams of engineers based in the Philippines, but used to European quality, to cover all installations.

Project Management Tasks – Various Disciplines covered

The following categories of Project Management summarize our expertise:
Project Management - Site
Site Supervision

Ensures that everything is built exactly according to plans, guaranteeing the highest level of quality and safety through our site supervision of the project contractors.
Project Management - Planning
Management Services

We can assist our customers in the specification and purchase of equipment, including the selection of contractors, making sure that the project stays within its budget and schedule. We offer monthly and final reports in order to track your project.

An example for project management case be found in the case study attached: Case Study – Project Management
Project Management - Commissioning
Commissioning Services

During start-up and commissioning, we ensure the proper installation and operation of systems prior to the handover to the end user through piping check-out, mechanical completion checks, electrical and instrumentation calibration and check-out, system dry test, system wet test, and finally product run.
Project Management - Training
Production and Training Services

Our experts can visit your facility to conduct theoretical and practical training describing the plant in detail, start-up philosophy, normal operation and trouble shooting. This will ensure your operators are proficient in running and maintaining your plant upon start-up.
An operation manual can be established and delivered during the training.

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