TEC Square's vision is given by the following statement: "Our goal is to provide the food industry with high efficient, environmental and ergonomics friendly processing plants at lowest investment by using practical common sense designs. Our process solutions follow this philosophy. We believe in simplicity where possible and want to achieve this while treating resources, people and money efficiently.

TEC Square designs an aroma recovery system to recuperate exactly those aromas you wish to recover. Moreover, we often design as well to omit specific aromas. And all this is done in the most simple design possible. Our installation is efficient is space utilization and has hardly any moving parts.

TEC Square developed an In-line Agglomeration process, that combines the operation of Spray Drying and Agglomeration into a single step. This combination avoids the additional FTE required to operate the plant and handle product storage containers.

TEC Square engineers have extensive experience in soy bean extraction and soy milk plants. Our technology provides solutions to get more out of the raw material. And our technology also includes a neutral taste option.



TEC Square designs milk reception plants using the least capital expenditure. We prefer one unloading system for 2 unloading bays, optimizing the utilization of equipment.

Vacuum Mixing

TEC Square prefers vacuum transport for powder mixing in the dairy industry. We design these systems with standard components. This method of transport has several advantages over traditional method.



TEC Square design an alternative to freeze-concentration: our "Low-Impact Thermal Concentration" system. The system uses low temperatures and short residence times (thus “low impact”). Selective aromas are recovered by our Aroma Recovery system and added back to the mixture before further processing.

Solutions - High-TS Concentration

TEC Square uses Rototherm technology for high-TS concentration. Our system has several advantages that provide instantaneous payout on most projects. Our solution results into less product losses, higher product quality and a higher factory output.

Instant Coffee CIP

TEC Square designs an Instant Coffee CIP plant to guarantee maximum cleaning efficiency and a minimum overall CIP time. Our objective is to minimize the total time required to perform a CIP. And we aim to use the least amount of chemicals for this purpose. This is turn reduces the amount of waste generated.

Solutions - Cold Brew Extraction

A TEC Square cold brew extraction is designed to give flexibility. We have simple solutions that require limited investment. We also provide top-of-the-line solutions for high quality and high-capacity products. Moreover we provide possibilities to turn a simple investment into a sophisticated one at a later stage.

Lecithin Dosing

TEC Square designed a fully automated lecithin dosing unit that can be integrated in an existing spray dryer and CIP plant. A ready-made lecithin mix in an IBC or other container in the “low care wet zone” is pumped to the mix storage tanks situated in the “high care wet zone”. The mix can be pasteurized and cooled down in this zone. The mix is then pumped to the spray drying tower.


7-in-1 Processing

TEC Square plans milk receptions as simple units of operation. We do not over-engineering a plant, but provide exactly what is needed from a process point of view.

High-TS Spray Drying is the future for spray drying operations. Not only does it increase the nominal output per spray dryer, it simultaneously improves the quality of the product. TEC Square uses a Rototherm to achieve these high concentrations, achieve a constant dry matter while minimizing product losses.

High Concentrator

A TEC Square high-concentrator saves on additional equipment as we make use of the equipment itself to the maximum extent. Our solutions saves investment in equipment, building and moreover in operational costs. The solutions is also ideal for low-thermophile products.

Dairy Waste Water

With the right project design, planning and project execution, TEC Square reduces waste water liquid and BOD considerably, requiring a relatively small investment. Our plants use less water, and a TEC Square operation with evaporation will actually generate excess water at a low milk intake. For dairy plants without evaporation we come close to “zero” water consumption.

A TEC Square extraction operation is designed to give flexibility. We have simple solutions that require the least investment. But we could also provide top-of-the-line solutions for high quality products. Moreover we provide possibilities to turn a simple investment into a better one at a later stage

We offer complete process solutions

TEC Square is a process engineering company specialized in highly complex processes. We offer unique process solutions, since we work with innovative technologies. Additionally, we represent equipment from OEM’s around the world that are recognized internationally as leaders in there respective industries. Together, this allows TEC Square to design unique processes, using the advantages of technology for each sub-process. Consequently we provide complete solutions for factory design.
These solutions are unique and add value beyond the traditinoal way of working. TEC Square’s process knowledge together with our partner equipment provides the success to your project.