Straight through Standardization
TEC Square developed a state-of-the art milk standardisation system, that uses 10% less energy as conventional processes. Presently <…Read More>

Water and CIP Solutions
One of TEC Square’s areas of expertise to reduction of energy, water and CIP requirements. We have developed processes that <…Read More>

Waste Boilers
Waste boilers nowadays are part of an effective operational set-up. We supply installations for by products creamer oil manufacturing as well as for coffee grounds. We <…Read More>

Filling Aroma
TEC Square can provide solutions for the capturing of volatile aromas and the subsequent adding on the final product. We <…Read More>

TEC Square – We offer complete process solutions

TEC Square is a process engineering company specialized in highly complex processes. We offer unique process solutions, since we work with innovative technologies. Additionally, we represent equipment from OEM’s around the world that are recognized internationally as leaders in there respective industries. Together, this allows TEC Square to design unique processes, using the advantages of technology for each sub-process. Consequently we provide complete solutions for factory design.
These solutions are unique and add value beyond the traditional way of working. TEC Square’s process knowledge together with our partner equipment provides the success to your project.