Process Engineering

Process Engineering - MainOur Process Engineering team has years of experience in handling the most complex installations. During one of our latest international projects, we were involved for a time span of almost 3 years and, most importantly, we provided our support from the concept stage to the commission. In summary, we assisted in creating the required process and flow diagrams and additionally provided training for technical and production staff.

The TEC Square advantage is a combination of process knowledge and our extensive experience being as all our key players have held management positions in production management. As such we design our plant with the operators convenience in mind and are not satisfied with merely technical proficiency.

Process Engineering – Various Disciplines covered

The following categories of process engineering and project management summarise our expertise:
Process Engineering - pnid
Preliminary Engineering or Project Concept

A Project Concept normally includes several key elements and uses these to authorize the project approval.

  • Establishing a Project Concept of the required scope needed for an installation or upgrade
  • Preliminary Process Description and Flow-sheets
  • Plant Energy Balance
  • Preliminary system layout including cost estimates
Process Engineering - Detail
Detail Engineering

We will work with you to provide the exact level of detailed engineering desired for your project. Depending on both complexity and your requirement, the level of engineering varies. The involved areas include:

  • Piping and Instrument Diagram (P&ID)
  • Detailed Plant Heat and Mass Balance including Energy Requirements
  • We will provide the P&ID documentation that includes a complete specification sheet for vessels, heat exchangers, pumps, valves, instruments and other process related equipment
Process Engineering - Narratives
Process Control Narratives

A Control Narrative is generally a written description of a process that details the start-up, maintain the operating steps, hold conditions, emergency stops and shutdown sequence. Moreover, it contains the definition of all control loops like, range, alarms, description, interlocks, logic, etc.
Our Process Engineers primarily author these Control Narratives and afterwards feed this information to our Automation Engineers in order to develop the PLC and SCADA programs.
Process Engineering - Detail
Process Optimization

TEC Square engineers have a large experience in process optimisation and cost optimisation projects. Firstly, our engineers have worked at various positions in a plant and secondly, they also have been in charge of efforts based on LEAN principles. Undoubtedly, our philosophy is always to add value. Therefore, we aim to ensure that every project has a payback. To illustrate the potential savings, below are some case studies for download:

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