TEC Square works with the following partners in the industry

TEC Square Electrical BV is our sister company in the Netherlands. They deliver electrical cabinets by purchasing components and outsourcing manufacturing to Cable Solutions in Hungary. As such we deliver cost-effective quality solutions for our projects.

Partners - Cable Solutions
Cable Solutions BV is our partner in TEC Square Electrical BV. They specialise in the manufacturing of electrical cabinets in their cost-effective production facilities located in Hungary. The combination with TEC Square’s cost effective engineering makes our product stand out in the market. Both our companies have the ambition to become a leader in its area of expertise by delivering a solution based on optimum quality, price and time.

Partners - Artisan Industries
We are proud to represent Artisan Industries in Europe and Asia. Artisan Industries manufactures and supplies different ranges of equipment to the process industry. Their main products can be found in the range of “Process Technologies” all based on thin-film technology: Evaporation, Distillation, Stripping and Drying.

Partners - EBT
TEC Square and EBT Swiss have formed a partnership to promote each others products. EBT Swiss is manufacturer of high-end quality heat-exchanger systems, that quickly became a standard in the food- and dairy industry.

Partners - Avinx
AVINX Inc is a sister company of TEC Square Solutions Inc, located in Cebu, the Philippines. AVINX focuses on sales for coffee shops in the Philippines and distributes Probat shop roasters and ECM Espresso Machines. Please visit the AVINX Website for more information