Meet our Engineering and Management Team

Bringing over a century worth of experience in the engineering and management field, TEC Square works to take you engineering and manufacturing challenges to life. We thrive under the pressure of complicated processes and making it a success.

  • Nol Bosman

    Nol Bosman

    Managing Director
    TEC Square Group of Companies
  • Hans Andersen

    Hans Andersen

    Director of Milk Operations & Sales
    TEC Square Project Management SL
  • Nat Orense

    Nat Orense

    Operations Director
    TEC Square Solution Inc.
  • Nomer Sevilla

    Nomer Sevilla

    Manager Process Control
    TEC Square Solutions Inc.
  • Richard Chan

    Richard Chan

    Manager Process Engineering
    TEC Square Solution Inc.
  • Tito Olano

    Tito Olano

    Finance Director
    TEC Square Solutions Inc.