Mechanical Engineering

In TEC Square, all of our engineers are chemical or mechanical engineers by education. Our Mechanical Engineering Department is responsible for a variety of tasks ranging from establishing Control Narratives (to specify information for our Automation department) to equipment design.

Mechanical Engineering Tasks – Various Disciplines covered

The following categories of mechanical engineering summarize our expertise:
Mechanical Engineering - Flowsheets

Our team of mechanical, process and automation engineers along with our drafting staff can provide you with sources of design information and process definition in the form of:

  • Process Flowsheets
  • Process & Instrument Diagram
  • Utility Flowsheets (for more information, see our Automation and Control section
Mechanical Engineering - Layout
Layout Drawings

TEC Square generates drawings in compliance to International Standards with attention to meeting specifications set by customers. Additionally, we create these drawings using software such as Autocad, Autodesk Inventor, etc.
We have the full capability to complete basic and general layout and arrangement drawings, followed by detail design layouts for individual process components, such as pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pumps, piping and E&I.
Mechanical Engineering - 3D
3D Drawings

Also, we can upfront generate 3D-design and visualisation of either the complete or individual parts of the project. Therefore, our team and clients can benefit from a thorough layout for better understanding of the system.
Mechanical Engineering - Piping
Piping Layout

In our detail engineering includes pipe sizing, piping layout and isometric drawing, selection of suitable supports, sizing calculations, valve and instrument specification.

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