Instant Coffee Capacity

Installations supplied by TEC Square are very flexible by the nature of their design. As a result it is possible to upgrade our installations after several years of operation to

  • Add more capacity
  • Increase extraction yield
  • Increase the level of product quality
  • Add additional options in automation

TEC Square developed a flexible project concept that will allow you to invest in exactly what you need. Furthermore it will allow to add more technologies a later stage, when you require better products or special features. Flexibility is key when you want to try out the markets and have to determine your marketing approach.


This graph represents a theoretical case and values should not be interpreted in a relative way. Options in quality, automation and others could hugely influence the investment

The simple Approach – Investment initially in low capacity

If your objective is to try out the market with reduced investment, we propose a very simple solution. As a result you avoid investment into unnecessary capacity and technologies. It is however important to realize that the end-product quality depends on the kind equipment that will be used. A “simple investment” would typically have

  • A reduced number of extraction cells, allowing the addition of capacity later on
  • Long Cells (which type of cell typically supplied by all competitors)
    Hereby we should emphasize that  long cells are cheaper, however they also reduce the potential to high-end solutions
  • Simple aroma recovery equipment
  • Plate- or falling film evaporation
  • Simple spray drying technologies

The more sophisticated approach

On the other hand, when your objective is to have a product that differentiates itself from the competition, we could provide you with a flexible solution. In order to operate a high-end instant coffee plant, two choices are important

  • Wide body extraction cells
    The choice for wide-body extraction technology allows shorter cycle times. This as a result would benefit the overall quality aspect of the end-product.
    (see our extraction page)

  • Installation of 8 extraction cells or more
    When the plant has more extraction cells, it will be possible to achieve better final end-product quality.
    Also when the plant has more extraction cells, it will be possible to achieve higher extraction yields.


This graph represents a theoretical case and should not be interpreted as an absolute given.
Options in quality, automation and others could hugely influence the investment

It must be remembered that instant coffee quality is made in the extraction process. However, in order to achieve the same quality in the end-product, the downstream process should be capable of maintaining such quality. Therefore we design our aroma- and evaporation systems in such a way, that we preserve the right taste- and aroma-profile for your marketing campaign.

For top quality instant coffee a good and flexible aroma system is essential. (see our aroma recovery page). In the same fashion it is important to have the right solutions for spray-drying (see our spray-drying page) or freeze-drying (see our freeze-drying page)