Instant Coffee Advantages

TEC Square designs instant coffee plants differently. Our key engineers have worked in the production or engineering of instant coffee plants. As a result when we design a plant, we take the future of operations into account. With this purpose in mind we are are able to provide two unique solutions. Above all with this design philosophy we are able to offer each solutions we competitive advantages.

The advantages of the TEC Square process solutions:

  • A competitive, simple solution for the starting entrepreneur.
    This solution has ample opportunities for expansion in capacity and or quality
  • A more elaborate, high-quality solution, for the entrepreneur who requires a sophisticated plant.
    This solution can obtain higher quality, higher yields, etc.. Moreover this solution has possibilities to extend capacity and/or add special technologies

TEC Square Instant Coffee Plants – Advantages of our design

TEC Square Instant Coffee Plants - Advantages
As can be seen in the representation, both solutions have advantages over the standard solutions that are available in the market

  • Firstly we offer complete flexibility in capacity, with upgrades possible at a later stage
  • Secondly we equally offer complete flexibility in end-product quality with upgrades possible at a later stage
  • Moreover, our solution is a more environmental friendly solution. Our typical plants use less water and have considerably less product losses
  • We also supply an automation concept in line with your needs. We provide cost-effective manual solutions as well as highly complex automated plants
  • Lastly, our plants show better operational efficiency with less man hours required for core¬†operations