High TS Spray Drying

High TS Spray DryingHigh-TS Spray Drying is the future for spray drying operations. The main reason is that this technology will increase the nominal output per spray dryer. However in the second place the process simultaneously improves the quality of the product as less water is evaporated. In order to have an effective High-TS Spray Drying operation two processes will need to be adapted:

  • Evaporation. The process will require a High-TS Finisher operation. Normal falling-film evaporators gives too much fouling. TEC Square uses a Rototherm-E for the finisher application; it is the ideal evaporator for this purpose. Product concentrations of 60-70% are no exception. And product losses are minimum. As a result run times on the existing evaporator can normally be prolonged.
  • Spray Drying. Secondly the spray drying process will require a hot air spray nozzle set-up capable of spraying High-TS concentrates. TEC Square developed its own concept for the High TS Spraying nozzle.

In the end, the quality of the concentration equipment determines the success of the spray drying operation. TEC Square’s solution for High-TS Spray drying has several advantages:

  • Increase in nominal output of 10-30%
    1) as the average water contents in the concentrate is less
    2) as the concentration is more constant. A Rototherm-E finisher has the capability to maintain a stable concentration over time.
    3) as there is less CIP time required, due to the low fouling conditions in the Rototherm-E finsiher and evaporator
  • Less product losses. The design of a Rototherm-E finisher created hardly any fouling. Losses are normally restricted to 0.1-0.2%.
  • Higher product Quality. The quality of the final product is better as well, as less water is evaporated.

High-TS Spray Drying – Only advantages

TEC Square has extensive experience in designing spray dryers that function at high TS conditions. An increase in 10-20% capacity per spray dryer is not impossible

We are currently adapting our technology to develop suitable solutions for the industry

Characteristics and advantages of High-TS Spray Drying

Product Concentration technology
TEC Square uses Rototherm technology as a finisher. This evaporator gives easily concentrations for spray drying of 60%.
  • Higher output per spray dryer. An increase of 10-30% is possible.
  • Higher product quality, as less water will need to be evaporated
Spray Dryer nozzle technology
The spray dryer is equipped with a special air and spray nozzle distributor that is capable of handling and effectively spraying at this concentration.
  • High viscous materials require special spraying technologies
Instantaneous capacity
This solution increases the hourly capacity as less water will need to be evaporated. Under normal circumstances, the equipment could be retrofitted to an existing spray dryer.
  • Higher capacity due to higher average concentration
  • Higher capacity due to a more constant concentration
Yearly capacity
Our solutions also increases the available running hours. This increases the total output per year as well.
  • Less CIP is required, as fouling of the evaporator is minimized.
Product Quality
High TS Spray drying uses a more concentrated liquor as supply. As the ration solids to water is more elevated, less water evaporation will take place
  • Higher quality, especially for products that contain aromas.
TEC Square has developed an in-line Agglomeration principle as well. This technology is fully compatible withe the High TS technology.
  • Flexibility for multi-SKU production. In-line production of spray dried and agglomerated powder
  • Less personnel required to run the operation

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