High-TS Spray Drying is the future for spray drying operations. Not only does it increase the nominal output per spray dryer, it simultaneously improves the quality of the product.

Normal spray drying operations depend on the quality of an evaporator to give the right conditions for output. Quality and operational cost improve when:

  • The thick liquor has on average a higher concentration
  • The thick liquor has a more constant concentration

For evaporation the same arguments are valid. The quality of the concentration equipment determines the success of your operation. Quality and operational costs improve when:

  • The thick liquor has on average a higher concentration.
  • The thick liquor has a more constant concentration
  • Between CIP’s, the evaporator has a longer run time

Surprisingly it is not uncommon that the evaporator experiences losses in the range of 1-2% of the dry matter, due to the lack of control on the evaporator.  As a result, success in the operation of evaporation and spray drying is measured by the quality of the evaporation equipment.

High-TS Spray Drying

High-TS Spray Drying – A high-end finisher is required

Artisan Industry’s Rototherm-E evaporator is the ideal finisher for the job. The return on investment is often close to 1 year (depending on the type of product), as the equipment has many operational advantages:

  • The Rototherm-E runs at higher total solids output. In other words, a 10% increase in TS will typically give a 20% increase in spray dryer output.
  • The Rototherm-E hardly fouls, as such the total solids at the outlet will be more constant. As a result the process is able to run with a 1-2% higher throughput
  • Also as the Rototherm-E hardly fouls, the run time of the process is higher and more continuous.
  • The pre-evaporator runs more consistent. The pre-evaporator is basically operating at a more economical low total solids output (35-40% TS). At these conditions less fouling will take place.
  • The design of the Rototherm-E guarantees that fouling is almost limited. As a result losses are close to 0%. Consequently savings are often equivalent to 0.5-1% on raw material purchase.
  • If the total production process depends on adding a liquid aromatic component before spray drying, a Rototherm-E will allow add-back without compromising spray drying capacity.

High-TS Spray Drying – A high-end spray dryer is required

The Rototherm-E has the potential to run at very high (and constant) total solids contents, that go beyond the normal capability of spray drying towers. TEC Square developed technology to dry higher viscosity products on a spray drying tower as well. A capacity increase of 10-20% over normal spray drying towers in not uncommon.

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