TEC Square Freeze Concentration alternative – Low-Impact Thermal Concentration

Freeze Concentration Alternative
TEC Square has developed an alternative to freeze concentration, that delivers the same level of quality at significantly lower capital investment and lower operational costs. This concept, called “Low Impact Thermal Concentration”, has been proven in the field and so far exceeds expectations for high value food products.

The Low-Impact Thermal Concentration process uses low temperature (thus “low impact”) thermal concentration. The process uses a short-path Rototherm evaporator, requiring the product only for a couple of minutes to be at processing temperature. Secondly the Low Impact Thermal Concentration uses aroma recovery and aroma separation to enhance the taste profile exactly to the customer’s requirements.

Even though the process is officially called a thermal process, it is hardly possible to measure the impact of temperature on the product. Foremost, the process has low operational temperatures, due to the applied vacuum. Furthermore the technology of the evaporator design provides very quick processing conditions. As a result, the process has enormous advantages in start-up time, operational cost and flexibility. Together with a vastly reduced investment cost, this alternative to the traditional Freeze Concentration, proves to be a better or equal solution in all aspects.

Low-Impact Thermal Concentration – The alternative to Freeze Concentration

We use effective aroma recovery technology, made for high-end products

Next we use wiped-film evaporation technology for concentration. This technology excels at low temperatures and short processing times.

Characteristics and advantages of our Instant Coffee CIP Plant Technology

Aroma Separation Technology
TEC Square uses a combination of a stripping column and stacked condensation column for aroma separation. We normally use steam as stripping medium, but other options are available as well.
  • No moving parts, simple maintenance
  • Construction is fully flooded in case of CIP
  • Limited fouling. The stripping column and stacked condensing column can be drained completely
  • Stripping normally takes place at atmospheric conditions. However low temperature options exist as well
Concentration Technology
TEC Square uses Wiped Film evaporator technology (Rototherm from Artisan industries) for efficient low temperature concentration.
  • Short processing times resulting in high quality products
  • Low process temperatures. Processing takes place at vacuum conditions
  • Very high concentration are possible, allowing high quality concentrate manufacturing
  • Hardly any fouling at high concentrations
We normally standardize aroma and extract straight in-line. This reduces viscosity protects aroma
  • Efficient dosing
  • In-lien solution, often no storage of aroma is required
Process Temperatures
We can work at low process temperatures, guaranteeing a quality solution for temperature sensitive products
  • High quality end-product
Capital Expenditure
Higher capital expenditure as falling film evaporation technology. However the process is developed for a higher quality segment. We aim to compete with Freeze Concentration technology.
  • The investment is about 50% of the investment for freeze concentration technology
Operational Costs
Higher operational costs as falling film evaporation technology. We use 1 kg of steam for 1 kg of evaporation. However the process is developed for a higher quality segment. We aim to compete with Freeze Concentration technology.
  • Operational costs are limited compared to freeze concentration
  • No Ammonia is required
Residence time
The product is normally only subjected to process conditions for a maximum of 10-20 minutes.
As a result this technology is in full production 30 minutes after start-up
  • High quality product, due to short processing times.
  • Quick start-up and shut-down times
  • Ideal for multi SKU operation
Maximum Concentration
Rototherm technology can evaporate up to very high concentrations. 60-70% TS are not uncommon. Depending on the quantity of aroma, the final product can easily be standardized at 60% TS.
  • Very high concentrations are possible, guaranteeing maximum plant output.
  • High concentrations allow for the addition of additional aromatic components
Product Losses
Very low product losses at high concentrations. The Rototherm technology has hardly any fouling
  • Low product losses, no fouling at high concentrations
  • Long running times. As there is hardly any fouling, the operational time before CIP can be maximized
Easy and straight forward CIP. Fully automated solutions are possible
  • Short CIP times. The Aroma Recovery process and a Rototherm are easily cleanable
  • Fully automatic solution

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