TEC Square Extraction Plant

TEC Square designs its own high-end instant coffee extraction plants. All of our extraction systems are customer specific. in essence we design to provide flexibility, quality and operational effectiveness. Specifically our high-end extraction systems have the following details:

  • Easy raw material handling
  • Short cycle times
  • Low energy usage
  • Installations of up to 12 cells

The design is specifically conceived for those installations where costs and  quality will make a difference.

TEC Square Extraction Plant Set-up

Set-up of a simple TEC Square Instant Coffee Extraction Plant

Extraction Cell Design

TEC Square designs extraction cells specifically to be extremely flexible in operation. A well designed cell allows for high-end production profiles. Our equipment has is general the following characteristics:

  • Design pressure: -1 to 25 barg
  • Simple but robust safety system
  • Wide-body cell design, allowing for a high quality end product quality
  • Ground coffee loading by vacuum
  • Cell size is flexible: Based on target plant output and on future capacity criteria.
  • Optimal extraction conditions throughout the cell
  • Simple function design

Extraction Plant Design

A TEC Square extraction plant consists of a set of extraction cells combined with a set of valves, called a distributor. The distributor specifically facilitates the processes that have are needed to provide the chosen design. We normally provide:

  • 6-12 extraction cells in line
  • Compact extraction design allowing for easy maintenance
  • Compact distributor design, allowing easy maintenance and good visibility
  • Robust PLC system, programmed to allow for flexibility

TEC Square programs its extraction PLC’s in-house. As a result we provide thoroughly tested and robust solutions that work. On the whole, our programs have a very high degree of flexibility.

Extraction Plant Options

Many options in extraction technology exist, however we prefer not to elaborate on most of them in this forum. TEC Square provides options in the following categories:

  • Savings of energy. We provide solutions beyond the conventional heat recuperation methods
  • Additional safety features. That is, a good system should have a simple and safe set-up
  • Additional means to prevent and counteract blocking. Firstly, in case cell blocking is imminent, the system should try to prevent blocking from occurring. However if it cannot be avoided, it should be dealt with effectively
  • additional possibilities to improve on yield
  • Operational convenience is case of multiple SKU’s