TEC Square Evaporator Plant

TEC Square provides evaporation plant solutions that are a combination of flexibility, operational efficiency and end-product quality. Our solutions provides the best-in-class solution for expensive products as instant coffee. We strive to achieve the following criteria at the same time

  • Low operational losses
  • Easy operation on a pre-evaporator
  • Quality output on a finisher
  • Least amount of required product storage

In combination with an aroma recovery plant, our evaporation technology is optimised to save on storage of aroma and/or extract. For instant coffee the evaporators deliver long runnign times, low losses and a continuous high TS to the dryer operation.

An Artisan Rototherm-E is the best finisher in its class


  • Falling Film Technology
  • If required with an MVR application
  • Direct steam operation

  • High TS Possible
  • Almost No Fouling
  • long run-times
  • Simple CIP
Evaporator Plant Options

  • Energy Recuperation is standard
  • High-Quality options are possible
  • Semi-Automatic installations exist as well