For the preparation of instant coffee an effective evaporation step in the wet process is essential. A well-designed evaporation plant should therefore obtain the following objectives simultaneously:

  • High Dry Matter
A High Dry Matter (DM) content determines a some very important quality aspects of your production:
High efficiency
A higher dry matter will allows your spray drying plant to run with a higher efficiency, causing less water will need to be evaporated
Less aroma losses
As the plant runs with higher efficiency, a higher dry matter will cause less aroma losses
Higher potential aroma Add-back
A higher Dry Matter will mean that there is a higher potential for aroma add-back, as add-back of aroma brings the DM of the extract down.
Higher capacity
A higher dry matter Investment in a smaller spray drying plant – The capacity for each spray drying plant is determined by it evaporation capacity

  • Constant Dry Matter
A constant Dry Matter (DM) content determines the quality and efficiency of your plant. The more constant a plant runs, the better the quality will be and the less costly operation will be.
  • Long Run-time
A good evaporator runs unobstructed for long periods of time and requires very little cleaning. Long run times reduce solids losses and improve consistency
  • Energy efficient operation
The application of a thermo-compressor or mechanical vapor-recompression in an evaporation plant reduces the energy usage

TEC Square offers various solutions for evaporation

  • Plate Evaporator
  • Falling Film Evaporator
  • Wiped film evaporator
  • Cheaper solution
  • More expensive solution
  • Top-of-the-line alternative. Mainly used as finisher or for high quality products
  • Simple installation
  • More complex installation
  • As finisher ideal in combination with a Plate-evaporator or Falling film evaporator with MVR
  • Low building, less construction costs
  • High building required, tubes in the evaporator are normally 10m or more
  • Low building required, relative simple installation
  • Faster fouling
  • Normal fouling
  • Almost no fouling, very little product losses
  • Higher losses
  • Normal losses
  • Almost no fouling, very little product losses
  • Good energy usage, thermo-compressors are possible
  • Good energy usage, thermo-compression (TVR) is possible. Mechanical vapor-recompression (MVR) is also possible which makes the evaporator even more energy efficient
  • High¬†energy usage. As stand-alone evaporator a very interesting alternative for high quality end-products, due to its very short residence time and low evaporation temperature
  • Interesting solution with a finisher
  • Falling-film-evap
  • Rototherm