TEC Square represents process equipment from manufacturers around around the world. We build and design our own plants., using the best process equipment.

Equipment - Rototherm-E - 200 sqft

Artisan Industries designs and manufacturers high-end evaporators under the brand name Rototherm®. TEC Square is the representative of Artisan Industries in Europe and Asia. We have installed and commissioned several units and we provide engineering with regards to operations and installation.

Equipment - Stripping Column interior

Artisan’s Evaporation-Stripper column is the most cost-effective method of reducing volatiles in heat sensitive materials and viscous products to low ppm or ppb levels. The Evaporator-Stripper’s thin-film, disc-and-tube design offers unique advantages over conventional stripping technologies.

Equipment - Waste Boilers

Waste Boiler

TEC Square – Specialists in optimized processes

TEC Square is established as a project management and process engineering company. We represent equipment from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) around the world. These Manufacturers are all recognized internationally as leaders in their respective industries. We are specialists in extraction, evaporation, aroma recovery processes, spray drying, agglomeration, freeze drying and process waste solutions. We design our equipment specifically to our customers needs and normally supply process solutions that are tailor-made.

Customers often request that our systems will be designed to include future possibilities of higher quality and/or additional capacity. Our dedicated team of engineers has a track record to get the most out of your process. As such we have a competitive edge over any other competitor with similar quality equipment as we base the design our processes on knowledge. All our key-engineers have worked for many years in a processing environment (before switching to the project side). As a consequence we design our processes with optimum operation comfort in mind.