Our Electrical engineering Department consists of a team of very experienced electrical engineers and draftsmen. The team has the experience and knowledge to tackle all project assignments within a project. Our services are amongst others:

Electrical Engineering Tasks

Electrical Drawings

Electrical Engineering - Drawings

Our Skilled Team of Electrical Draftsmen utilizes some of the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) Tools like “EPLAN Electric P8” to generate complex electrical drawings such as Single Line Diagrams, Detailed Schematic Diagrams, Cable Layouts and Routings. The use of these CAD Tools minimize if not eliminate the risk of typical drawing errors, speed up the execution and result in the generation of an accurate Bill of Materials.

MCC, PLC and Remote I/O Panel Building

Electrical Engineering - MCC

From BOM’s generated per panel, we can make a layout of the panel contents using CAD Tools before they are positioned in the actual panel. This saves a considerable amount of time spent in the laying out of electrical components and terminating them.
Based on our clients requirements, as well as considering the environmental conditions affecting the performance of the panels and the components within it, we will recommend the type of panel, its protection class (IP/NEMA Rating), and its cooling/heating requirements.

Electrical Installation and Commissioning

Electrical Engineering - Supervision

We supervise installation of all electrical works included in our scope. These activities can include

  • cable tray installation
  • cable pulling
  • termination of field wiring.

We are equally capable of doing the entire commissioning of all electrical installations prior to start-up. Activities under this scope include:

  • Field I/O and loop checking
  • Short Circuit Testing
  • Ground protection checking for all active electrical devices
  • Voltage and current testing

Our electrical panels are manufactured by TEC Square Electrical BV