Coffee Grounds

While producing instant coffee, the plant will automatically produce a large quantity of coffee grounds. Often simple installations are sufficient to allow effective operation. However more sophisticated solutions exist as well, using the coffee grounds as solid fuel. As such an instant coffee plant can generate most of its steam from coffee grounds. TEC Square engineers have extensive experience with all these systems and could provide assistance.  
Manual Coffee Grounds System
Manual installations
A simple coffee grounds system would exist only of a silo and an installation for bag or truck filling. Such a system would dispose of the coffee grounds in an effective way, while simultaneously trying to minimize on investment. The plant would only require sufficient storage silo capacity to allow for 1-shift emptying, since instant coffee manufacturing is a 24 hour per day process.
Automated installations with solid fuel recuperation
A more automated system seeks to exploit the calorific value in the coffee grounds. Coffee grounds still contain too much water when discarded from the process. Coffee grounds presses can further reduce the water contents. Presses produce a high BOD press-water, which will require a solution as well. However pressed grounds are an ideal fuel for solid fuel boilers, giving a huge reduction in fuel purchasing.

Automated Coffee Grounds System

High-end installations
Further optimized installations could treat the press-water even more. This would allow for easy disposal in an environmental friendly way. In press-water normally some coffee oil is present. It sometimes is beneficial to recuperate coffee oil, as it is a good carrier of coffee aromas. To further enhance the calorific value of the grounds, it is possible to pre-dry grounds.