TEC Square is mainly active in two different segments of the industry

TEC Square supplies solutions for manufacturing companies. This ranges from Consulting assignments to improvement projects. TEC Square bases its relations with all clients on mutual respect. We have a strict code of conduct with regards to confidentiality. All information we receive from our clients is treated with utmost care and considered confidential. In return, we request our clients to keep the information supplied confidential in a similar manner. Therefore, we will not divulge the names of our clients on our website unless our clients give us an authorization to do so. We can proudly say, though, that we have a satisfied client base around the world within the middle-sized and/or multinational companies.

TEC Square further works together with OEM’s to support their project effort. We especially have added value when a project is executed outside Europe. We have supported many project companies over the years. Please find below an overview of some of the OEM’s for whom we have completed assignments:

  • Complete engineering for the food processing plants, as e.g. 3-D piping design. Supply of electric panels and PLC programming for these plants.
  • Artisan Industries
    United States of America
  • Skid design and equipment layout drawings
    3-D Design of complete installations
    PLC and HMI programming and Commissioning
  • SiccaDania
  • 3-D Detail design of a complete milk factory.
  • Probat Werke
  • Installation and commissioning of roasters in Vietnam and Indonesia.
    Service calls for roasters in the ASEAN region.
  • Cable Solutions
    the Netherlands

  • Design of detail electrical components
    Drafting of electrical diagrams
    Design of electrical cabinets
  • SPX Flow

  • Specification of equipment
    Installation design and Piping design
    Programming of PLC and HMI applications
    Commissioning and Production training
  • Bernard & Cie

  • Support in GPS related app programming
    Client management for Bernard&Cie
    the Philippines
    Partners - Avinx
  • Installation of Probat roasters and related equipment in the Philippines