Aroma Recovery Process

In light of the above, TEC Square distinguishes three groups of aroma recovery processes:

In-line Agglomeration

In-line Agglomeration – Saving time and manpower in operation TEC Square developed an In-line Agglomeration process, which combines the¬†operation of Spray Drying and Agglomeration into a single step. Each step is important to obtain the final product characteristics. In summary, this process reduces operational costs significantly, mainly due to the following facts: There is less product in work, as there … Read More

High TS Spray Drying

High TS Spray Drying is the future for spray drying operations. Not only does it increase the nominal output per spray dryer, it simultaneously improves the quality of the product. High TS Spray Drying – A high-end finisher is required Artisan Industry’s Rototherm-E evaporator is the ideal finisher for the job. The return on investment is often close to 1 … Read More

Freeze Concentration

TEC Square (together with Artisan Industries) has developed a freeze concentration alternative, that delivers¬†the same level of quality at significantly lower investment- and operational costs. This concept, called “Low Impact Thermal Concentration”, has been proven in the field and so far exceeds expectations for high value food products. Even though the process is officially called a thermal process, it is … Read More