Artisan Industries

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We are proud to represent Artisan Industries in Europe and Asia. Artisan Industries manufactures and supplies different ranges of equipment to the process industry. Their main products are under the range of “Process Technologies”, equipment specifically designed to apply to difficult separation problems.
Artisan Industries also supplies solutions for vacuum systems under the JET-VAC® brand name

Process Technologies

Artisan Industries provides four different process solutions all based on thin-film technology.

  • Evaporation
  • Distillation
  • Stripping
  • Drying

Artisan’s thin-film technology minimizes product residence time, improves the heat and mass transfer and reduces operating cost for evaporation, stripping and distillation processes. Artisan streamlines complex, multi–step processes by decreasing the number of unit operations and by reducing waste, emissions and energy consumption. Tec Square together with Artisan can help you develop a more efficient process for the most viscous, fouling or solids-containing products. Artisan has developed over the last 75 years hundreds of custom solutions for the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Once your process is proven in Artisan’s pilot plant, Artisan will use the pilot test data along with proprietary scale-up algorithms and process simulation software to design production-scale equipment. When detailed engineering is completed, Artisans fabrication shop will build the equipment to the high standards for which Artisan is known throughout the industry. This involves special manufacturing techniques, unique materials, and thorough inspection by our quality control team. An Artisan installed system will meet design specifications throughout the equipment lifespan.