A good aroma recovery process system is designed to recover exactly those aroma and taste components, that are important for your product quality. Presently there are many systems around that claim that they just do that. Unfortunately however not every aroma system is capable of giving you the flexibility in quality that you need for your product. TEC Square always keeps flexibility in mind when designed a plant. We developed several ways to preserve aroma, ranging from simple and inexpensive to very sophisticated, depending on your needs and on your financial possibilities. As taste and aroma is the key to success in each manufacturer’s operation, we do not detail the design in this forum. However we are more than happy to provide you with tailor-made solutions solutions, depending on your needs.
Aroma Recovery Process

In light of the above, TEC Square distinguishes three groups of aroma recovery processes:

Simple process

A simple process consists of relatively inexpensive equipment normally made up by

  • Flash separator
  • Condensing column for aromas (this could be in the form of a rectification column, but if upgrades are desired, a partial condensing column is a better choice)

The aim of such an aroma recovery process is to recuperate all good aromas, which are available in the product, discarding undesirable aromas if possible.

Sophisticated process

A more sophisticated process has significantly better equipment for the same duty. This system consists of a combination of:

  • Stripping column (TEC Square works with self-draining disk and doughnut columns for added GMP functionality)
  • Partial Condensing Column (Separation of aromas through a series of condensers)

The aroma process selectively discards unwanted aromas, while preserving those aromas that matter most. You can find more information at the Evaporator-Stripper page.

Special executions

Lastly high-end solutions exist as well. However, we prefer to keep these technologies to our core competence and will not divulge on details in this forum. Typically most high-end solutions tend to be more expensive. Please feel free contact us for more information.