High-end Aroma Recovery Processes

Aroma Recovery ProcessWhen TEC Square designs an aroma recovery process, it will aim to recover exactly those aroma and taste components, that are important for your product quality, while omitting those that are unfavorable.

TEC Square Aroma recovery plants provide flexibility in aroma recovery. Aromas need to be separated or combined as may be the case in order to get the perfect taste profile for your product. This is the objective of a successful design. Moreover, TEC Square also keeps flexibility in mind when designing an aroma recovery plant. Often several products are run on the same unit, and each might require a different approach.

We developed several ways to preserve aroma, ranging from simple and inexpensive to very sophisticated, depending on your needs and on your financial possibilities. As taste and aroma is the key to success in each manufacturer’s operation, we do not detail the design in this forum. However we are more than happy to provide you with a tailor-made solutions, depending on your needs.

High-end Aroma Recovery technology – Recover exactly the aroma you need

We use a striping column as this unit is the simplest way to separate aroma effectively

Next we use a condensation column, where we separate aromas in exactly the quantity and kind that are required.

Characteristics and advantages of our Aroma Recovery Technology

Aroma Separation Technology
TEC Square uses a stripping column as this is the most simple and effective way to remove aromas.
We have designed the column such that it is fully cleanable
  • No moving parts, simple maintenance
  • Construction is fully flooded in case of CIP
  • The stripping column can be drained completely
  • To save on investment, we offer solutions using flash technology as well (and leave space to change this out to a stripping column in the future
Aroma Condensing Technology
TEC Square uses a multi-stage condensing column in combination with simple but very effective controls.
  • Aroma can be separated in various fractions that can be easily changed
  • Fractions can be combined together is ratios that are very flexible
  • No moving parts
  • Highly effective automated CIP module is available
We offer a fully automatic CIP module with additional cleaning for the condensing column. More manual CIP options exist as well
  • Efficient CIP, by counter-current flooded cleaning
  • Completely automatic
Volatile aromas
We have solutions for volatile aromas as well. These can be incorporated in the design.
  • High end aroma quality can be separated
  • Volatile Aroma Addition is an option (will require special technology)

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