TEC Square provides Mobile Phone Applications, characterized by high accuracy and robustness. The following 4 reasons demonstrate the strength of TEC Square in the development of mobile phone applications:

The origin of TEC Square can be found in the the process industry

TEC Square employs process- and automation engineers, that have worked for many years hands-on in the process industry. Most of these years were on the customer side, which forms the basis for our added value concept. “We write process control from the operator or user point of view”. This in contradiction to most of our competitors, who write it from a technical point of view. Our Mobile Application programming team follows the same philosophy.

TEC Square treats system integration fundamentally, not in parts

With decades of process engineering and process management experience, we know that any insight in the business will only generate value, if the business is enabled to act on it.
Mobile Phone Applications Development
Through our 4 Stage Application Development Cycle, we map the full process. By doing this, we develop smooth straightforward solutions for complex problems. (As opposed to just linking discrete system parts).

TEC Square: Process Perfection, Straightforward

TEC Square is an analytical process engineering provider. We deliver value through measurement and analysis of our customers systems. Understanding of operational procedures is critical in this case. Projects with highly complex processes require an integral approach. Operator functionalities dictate the process control interface design. While business objectives dictate a measurable process design. We integrate these objectives in one straightforward solution.

TEC Square: The key to success is quality of our team

Our personnel is the key to success. Our engineers are highly educated. They speak fluent English and have strong loyalty to the company. The combination of strong analytical skills and a very systematic approach to engineering, enable us to extend the same loyalty to our clients and partners.

We have mobile solutions for the following applications

Apps - IndustrialWe designed our Mobile Process Control Application to run or monitor your equipment on a mobile device.

Apps - Data capturingThis is the alternative way of allowing discrete data capture as e.g. surveys and census in the most effective way

Apps - GPS trackingGPS tracking is the surveillance of location through the use of the Global Positioning Systems (GPS). We are able to track the location of an entity or object remotely in a very accurate way.