App Programming

TEC Square provides Mobile Phone Applications, characterized by high accuracy and robustness. Consequently, we strive during the development of our Apps for excellence. This is determined by our engineering philosophy:

  • The origin of our programming activities lay in the process industry.
    TEC Square employs process- and automation engineers, that have worked for many years hands-on in the process industry. As such we write apps from the operator or user point of view.
  • TEC Square treats system integration fundamentally, not on an individual basis.
    With decades of process engineering and process management experience, we know that any insight in the data we gather through apps will only become meaningful if the business is enabled to act on it.
  • We strive for perfection.
    TEC Square is an analytical process engineering provider. Projects with highly complex processes require an integral approach
  • The key to success is quality of our teams.
    We employ highly educated engineers, that have strong analytical skills and a systematic approach to engineering.

App Programming – We have a high level of expertise in the following technologies

The following categories of App Programming summarize our expertise:
App Programming - Mobile Process Control
Our Mobile Process Control module gives the user access to production control parameters form his or her phone or tablet. The possibilities are endless in this, however we normally limit access by phone to the following modules:

  • Process Monitoring – giving management and operations a quick overview of the actual operational conditions of a plant.
  • Management Information – focusing on data captured over time and the trending of KPI’s
  • Recipe Management – managing multiple recipes with different production parameters without operator access.
  • Anomaly Notification – enabling maintenance to respond to automatic faults or alarms
App Programming - Data capturing
TEC Square has developed a multi-functional platform to record sales data using simple cell phones. Our apps allow our clients to perform highly accurate surveys, confirming input data in a consistent manner. The most important characteristics of successful “mobile data gathering” surveys are:

  • Continuous Development – We develop together with our client the types of questions and verification thereof. We incorporate any additional functionality to get the most accurate result
  • Data Analysis – We provide desk-top support tools, allowing our clients to check data in real time.
  • Survey Support – We support agents in the filed during a survey whenever needed.
  • Data Exporting – We make data available in databases for further analysise
GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking Apps
The principle of GPS tracking is the instantaneous surveillance of location through the use of a Global Positioning System (GPS). As a consequence, this technology allows us to accurately record the location of a phone or tablet from a remote position. Moreover, our technology can pin-point longitude, latitude, ground speed, and direction of the target. But most importantly, our logarithms provide a very accurate positioning where other devices fail.

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