In-line Agglomeration

In-line Agglomeration
TEC Square developed an In-line Agglomeration process, that combines the operation of Spray Drying and Agglomeration into a single step. As a result there is more flexibility in operation. One single unit can produce either a spray dried powder or an agglomerated powder.
We use a standard spray drying operation or our own High-TS operation for this purpose, but in the layout we insert an separate agglomeration tower.

Our process is based on the best technology that is available. We use free-fall saturated steam agglomeration. This process involves a fine, spray-dried powder being fed into the top of a the agglomeration tower, where it is brought in contact with saturated steam. The fine particles will stick together as a result.

In-line Agglomeration – Saving Manpower

This process adds flexibility to a spray drying operation. We can produce either spray-dried or agglomerated product from the same concentrate.

We use free fall steam agglomeration, the best technology available in terms of hardness, color and other product parameters.

Characteristics and advantages of our Instant Coffee CIP Plant Technology

Spray Drying Technology
TEC Square uses either standard spray drying suppliers as a base or own own high TS spray drying operation. The objective is to obtain the right base powder in this operation
  • Standard operation is possible
  • Retrofit is possible
Agglomeration Technology
TEC Square uses technology based on a combination of free-falling powder and saturated steam.
  • Saturated steam gives a hard agglomerate.
  • Other production parameters can be influenced by an array of options.
FTE’s (Full time employees)
Normal spray drying operation requires one FTE in charge of the controls and several assistants in charge of final powder handling.
The agglomeration operation does not require any additional personnel
  • Savings in FTE as the operation does not require intermediate storage of tote-bins and emptying thereof
The installation is a combined unit for both operations
  • Smaller footprint
  • Less building costs
  • High efficient energy solutions available
Control principle
Depending on customer requirements, either fully automatic or completely manual.
TEC Square has its in-house operational specialists who have all operational experience. We prefer simplicity in design and operation.
  • Simple control system
  • Simple combined safety system
  • Fully Automatic or Manual options are possible

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