Protherm-50With Such Benefits such as shorter processing time, eliminating foaming in the condenser, easier material handling for toxic chemicals, and scalability for larger commercial applications, the ProTherm-50 is a surefire way to test production in laboratory scale. At the core of this design is Artisan’s proven wiped film evaporation system, which is designed for easy operation, easy cleaning and easy validation of process parameters. The Rototherm-50 will allow for simple process design and optimization.

The operational principle of Artisan’s ProTherm-50 is rather straightforward. A centrifugal force from the rotor blades holds a thin film of your feed material against a heated wall along the outside of the vacuum chamber. As these blades rotate and feed material continuously flows into the production chamber, the blades will push the evaporated product out of the production system. A vacuum can be applied in order to minimize the processing temperature throughout the evaporation process. Residence time for the feed material is less than one minute and an evaporation rate of up to 99% of the solvent can be achieved in a single pass.

The artisan ProTherm-50 can be deliver on a user-friendly cart, which can be used in a laboratory, walk-in hood, or in most places located in your engineering plant. This process cart is fully equipped and contains a condenser, a back-pressure regulator for feed control, quick connects to your laboratory utilities (as vacuum, hot water or oil, chilled water for the condenser and nitrogen for the mechanical seal), instruments (vacuum and temperatures). It has a single phase, 1HP, 208-230 VAC (Class 1, Div. 1, Groups C & D) motor

The cart features either small on board stainless steel product and distillate tanks for batch operations or sanitary fittings for your existing engineering design. This engineering machinery is widely used in speciality and fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries successfully for over 40 years.

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