Spray Drying

Drying is the final step in the preparing the instant coffee. As a result it determines the visual product characteristics. In the Instant Coffee industry two different methods of drying exist:

  • Spray Drying and/or agglomeration
  • Freeze Drying

Spray drying is a more economic way of drying. The visual aspects of the product are often less important. As such the product is mainly used for standard products and as base-powder for re-constitution or 3-in-1.

TEC Square and DEVEX work together with SiccaDania, a world-wide leader in spray-dry technology. SiccaDania is located in Denmark.

In spray drying three different product qualities exist with similar taste profiles

  • Spray Dried product

    A fine product, typically produced on a tall form dryer

  • Fine agglomerated product

    Typically produced on an Omega Dryer

  • Agglomerated product

    Produced on either of one of the towers mentioned above. However with one additional step, as the fine spray dried powder is going through an additional agglomeration step in a separate agglomeration tower

Tall form Spray Drying layout

We have two different options for spray-dried and agglomerated products

Tall form dryer
Wide Body Dryer

A simple solution
A very versatile production unit

A fine powder, ideal for 3-in-1
A fine agglomerate, 0.5mm

Low investment
Ideal for 3-in-1
Simple controls
Energy efficient solution
Lower building

An in-line agglomeration tower can be part of the initial investment. This will add the possibility to obtain a hard agglomerate with a diameter of 2-3 mm. Please refer to our dedicated in-line agglomeration page for more details.

It is important to note that it is possible to upgrade the installation in line with our flexible concept

  • If extraction capacity is added, the dryer capacity will be upgraded as well
  • An agglomeration tower can be added at a later stage of investment
  • Dry-rework can be added on either agglomeration or spray dry