Aroma Recovery

A good aroma recovery process system is designed to recover specifically those tastes and aromas, that are important for your sales. Presently <...Read More>

Freeze Concentration

Together with Artisan Industries, TEC Square developed a freeze concentration alternative, that simultaneously delivers the same level of quality <...Read More>
FC - Alternative

High TS Spray Drying

High TS Spray Drying is the future for spray drying operations. Not only does it increase the nominal output per spray dryer, moreover <...Read More>

In-line agglomeration

TEC Square developed an In-line Agglomeration process, that combines the operations of Spray Drying and Agglomeration into a single step, which significantly <...Read More>

TEC Square - We offer complete process solutions

TEC Square is a process engineering company specialized in highly complex processes. We offer unique process solutions, since we work with innovative technologies. Additionally, we represent equipment from OEM's around the world that are recognized internationally as leaders in there respective industries. Together, this allows TEC Square to design unique processes, using the advantages of technology for each sub-process. Consequently we provide complete solutions for factory design. Process Solutions - 3D factory design These solutions are unique and add value beyond the traditional way of working. TEC Square's process knowledge together with our partner equipment provides the success to your project.