Freeze Drying

Drying is the final step in the preparing the instant coffee. As a result it determines the visual product characteristics. Freeze Drying is the best method to preserve quality.
The process is generally a more expensive way of drying, which as such is mainly used for high quality end-products.
The process gives a more exclusive image to the product, giving it a premium image.

Freeze Drying Key Points

  • Low temperature process, better product quality
  • More rectangular product, better product image
  • The process gives a lighter end product in colour”
  • The process requires higher capital investments
  • Operation is more expensive
Freeze Drying

TEC Square works together with DEVEX Verfahrenstechnik in the development of freeze dry operations. We have three different options for freeze-dried products

Manual Tray Dryer

Belt Dryer

Automatic Tray Dryer

A cost-effective solution for small capacities
A good solution for intermediate capacity
A competitive solution for high capacities

  • Cost-effective solution for capacities up to 500 Tons/year
  • Manual loading and simple controls
  • Simple cold-room
  • Several batch dryers can be run in parallel to increase capacity
  • Cost effective solution for capacities up to 2’000 Tons/year
  • Fully automatic controls
  • Normally combined with a simple cold-room
  • High end solution for capacities up to 6’000 Tons/year
  • Fully automatic controls
  • Normally combined with high-end cold-room