The design and number of extraction cells determines the quality of the extraction system. The number of installed cells also stands for the potential yield. If an extraction plant has more cells, this will mean:

  • The plant has a higher potential yield; and/or
  • There is a higher potential end-product quality and/or
  • The plant has a higher capacity

The design of the extraction cells is a major contributor to your overall objectives

Long Cells

Wide-body Cells

    • Cheaper fabrication
      A smaller diameter is an easier fabrication process
    • More expensive fabrication
      Wide-body-cells are more expensive compared to long-cells with the same volume
    • Simple design
      As the maximum flow through long-cells is limited, the entire extraction system can be more simple
    • High-end design
      Wide-body-cells also require a more sophisticated design of the system to make optimum use of its potential
    • Good yield
      Provided that temperatures are high and enough time for extraction is used, the yield is good
    • High yield
      With wide-body-cells it is possible to get yields that most competitors are not capable of
    • Medium Cycle time
      As the maximum flow through long-cells is limited, the cycle time required will be higher
    • Short cycle time
      Wide-body-cells allow for a shorter cycle time, due to increased flows
    • Good quality
      With long-cells a good quality soluble coffee can be obtained
    • High quality
      Wide-body-cells are typically used for customers who value return on investment and/or a high quality end-product