EPC Buildings


Buildings are normally part of an EPC project. We provide building design upon request. We design our Buildings with a European mindset, doing all detail design in the Philippines. Moreover we use preferably local supplies. Our objective is to keep costs as low as possible
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European Design with a local touch

We work together with European design engineers. Nevertheless, our detail design is done in the Philippines. Moreover we allow us to get inspired by local engineers as well. As a result we deliver cost-effective solutions for our projects


European Engineering with details from the Philippines

All conceptual engineering is normally by specialists, who know the European or American quality requirements. However in the Philippines we do all detail engineering. As a result we deliver cost-effective quality solutions for our projects


We use preferably the best local materials

Our design of buildings is flexible. However we adapt our design to the available local materials. We often finds that cost-effective solutions are available in the marketplace


As we design the process, we know how to design your buildings

Building design is a function of the chosen process. We often see that the design of a building is not adequately in line with process conditions. As a result the process might not flow ergonomically. Or separations of areas (e.g. wet/dry) is not sufficiently present in the design. We could supply consulting as well to assure your design is in line with best practices