Aroma Recovery

A good aroma recovery system is designed to keep the taste you desire in the final cup. Not every aroma system is capable of the preserving the best taste- and aroma profile for your product. There are many ways to preserve aroma, ranging from simple and inexpensive to very sophisticated. As taste and aroma is the key to success in each manufacturer’s operation we do not detail the design in this forum. We are more than happy to provide you solutions depending on your needs.

Simple process

A simple process consists of inexpensive equipment formed by

  • Flash separator; with
  • Rectification of aromas
Sophisticated process

A more sophisticated process has better equipment for the same duty. This system consists of a combination of:

  • Stripping column; with
  • Separation of aromas


Special executions

High-end solutions exist as well. We prefer to keep these technologies to our core competence and will not divulge on details. Typically most high-end solutions tend to be more expensive, as such the majority of application is in the segment of branded products. Please contact us for more information.